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🌈Hello Beautiful! Are you wanting to become a Lash & Brow Artist all in one course?

You do not have to go anywhere and spend thousands of dollars learning each module in one day!

You can learn Online the modules for Eyelash tint, Brow tint & Brow Henna, Classic, Volume and Mega Volume all in one! At your own pace. We teach differently! And that is not all!

Normally I offer courses at my school in brows, eyelash extensions, BB Glow and Beauty Online Marketing and show my students how to add extra sources of income using these Services to their own business.

The people who have studied at my Beauty School have been able to quickly acquire these new skills and put them to use generating more income each week in their businesses.

And its been very successful ... Due to the current situation as you know we are unable to run these courses in person. And I am so excited that after the beauty industry has been able to be open again, I see my students booked out months in advance. 
Which brings me to my offer:


🌈5 IN 1 Lash course

By Beauty Comes True Academy

As we all know, we have been hit hard with the current situation

So this is why we have put together a  ˜Power is a Knowledge Course for Brows & Eyelash Extensions ! 

Not only you learn Lashes, But you learn every single module I have in the past 11 years.
You learn other techniques to start your new beauty career all in one place.
You can become an Eyelash, eyebrow artist and also know how to market yourself. 
Because this is such an exclusive course which takes time to teach, naturally I can only focus on taking a few students at a time. 
 In August I can only take on 2 more students.
In this 5 in 1 course you will learn:
🌸Lash & Eyelash Tint 
🌸Henna Brow Tint
🌸Classic Eyelashes
🌸Volume Eyelashes
🌸Mega Volume Lashes
🌸Pre-mades Volumes
🌸Styling with lashes
🌸And also on how to market yourself as a artist..

In august we have 4 live virtual lessons, so skill up on all the modules before August!

Because this is not a one day course, I believe lashes are the most complicated modules I have ever taught. 

Paying thousands of dollars on courses that never gave back and after support.

So we have made this course where you learn at your own pace. Online and in person. Because let's face it, it is eyes we are touching and you have to be careful how you apply lashes.

I will guide you on your lash journey.

About Beauty Comes True Academy

My passion is helping others and making people feel beautiful. This has made me become an educator in the beauty world. I want to empower women to be successful. I have been to many classes and the only problem was after support. This is why I started all this. Eyelash extensions, brows and always finding new and innovative treatments in anti-aging has led me to Beauty Education.

We have been training the latest techniques for many years now. We always deliver quality and the latest techniques and knowledge to my students.

Having run busy salons we understand the challenges salons go through on a day to day basis. That is why we have extensive knowledge with the best of the minds in marketing.

With our knowledge, passion and ongoing support we can help you grow a lucrative business with the secrets on how to market yourself. I am happy to announce our niche is beauty training and marketing services.

we will guide you on your lash journey.

I teach my students how to make money with eyelash extensions & Brows. When they practise the skill, they get booked out months in advance and I pride myself in this. But you have to show me you want this! This is all it takes.
Only in July, we will be doing this special pricing where I will be teaching online all types of lashes at this one price.
Affordable payment plans are also available.
So register below to see if you have been accepted within 24 hours
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is BB glow safe?
Yes it is very safe if trained correctly. BB Glow does not go deep into the skin. Microblading is a lot more invasive.
Is BB Glow a foundation in the skin?
BB Glow is not a foundation! It is natural herbs that penetrate lightly on the skin. It is a brightening agent that helps heaps skin and makes your skin look younger, brighter and tighter.
How much is BB glow treatment?
Ranges from $200 to $350.
What is BB glow?
BB Glow are natural water based serums that look like foundation. It makes your skin look flawless! All natural and water based ingredients that are made. As this looks like foundation into the skin, it is definitely not.
What can BB Glow treat?
- Smooth scar tissue, such as surgical scars, burn scars, and acne scars.
- Micro needling treatments to the skin for the purpose of accelerated skin renewal (anti-ageing), by smoothing wrinkles or skin tightening.
- Dull, unhealthy and uneven complex
- Acne and post acne
- Large pores
- Age spots
- Freckles
- Hypopigmentation (discolouration)
- Hyperpigmentation (darker)
- Sun Spots
Who should avoid BB glow?
- Viruses such as colds, cold sores, warts
- Bacterial infections such as impetigo, boils, conjunctivitis, sties
- Fungal infections such as ringworm, blepharitis
- Undiagnosed lumps or swelling
- Broken bones.
- Known sensitivity or allergy to products.
- Pregnancy and lactation
- No live acne (pimples)
- Cuts and abrasions
- Going directly on sunshine holiday
- Moles / skin tags
- Pustular rosacea
- Diabetes – may cause delayed healing – check with doctor
What is BB Glow semi permanent foundation?
Semi-permanent treatment using the latest technology to come straight out of Korea. BB Glow uses a MTS combining skin coloured pigment with niacinamide and peptides along with natural growth factors for effective brightening and anti-ageing benefits leaving fine lines and wrinkles plumped, pores diminished and skin with a tinted glow similar to that of a tinted moisturiser that lasts up to 4 months.
How long does BB glow facial last?
3- 4 months
Is BB glow painful?
Not at all! If trained correctly.
Is BB glow good for skin?
BB Glow rejuvenates the skin. It heals anti aging problems.
Can I wash my face after BB glow treatment?
It is advised to wait 24 hours to not wet face.
Can you wear makeup after a BB glow?
You wont need to after 2 treatments. It is advised that mineral based foundation is to be worn. For best results no make up after a week is advised.
Is BB glow FDA approved?
Yes it is.
What happens after BB glow treatment?
Your skin maybe red for 1 to 3 days depending on your skin type. However with the serums involved it brings moisture and plumpness into the skin.
How does BB glow treatment work?
It acts like a skin brightening serum that rejuvenates the skin, hides problem areas and makes skin tighter. It makes you look like you are wearing a foundation.
Who should be teaching BB Glow?
It involves certain techniques for long lasting results. As well as trial and area. Please make sure they are a trained assessor before completing a certificate as your certificate maybe not be legal.
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